Hand crafted fishing floats made by and XT range designed by Nick Gilbert.

All orders for XT Floats, Wagglers, Pellet Wagglers, Hollow Elastic and Accessories will be posted out same or next day First Class Mail.

PLEASE BE AWARE! Handmade float order delivery is 3-5 weeks at the moment as I am very busy. They are all made to order. 

Items For Sale

NG Twin Core & Amber Core Hollow Elastic
NOW WITH FREE POSTAGE! (UK Post Codes Only) This is custom made to my specification and is the highest quality latex hollow elastic you can buy. New Amber Cored Elastic powers up quicker than the Twin Core. Available in 6 different grades, and 3 different lengths (2.5m, 2.75m, 3m) so you only pay for what you need to fit your top kit.
Hooks, Line, Shot, Bombs & Plummets
Quality Japanese and German line at unbeatable prices. I have rig, feeder and waggler line. Dinsmore Top Quality shot in all sizes. Plus a selection of my Favorite Kamasan Hooks.
NG Wagglers
NEW, Top Quality Wagglers. Straight and Insert Peacocks, also two hollow Glow Top insert patterns that are one of the most visible float available! Made to my specification and design to a high quality. Available in a range of sizes 2AAA-5AAA. also loaded 1.5g-4g
Pellet Waggler Range
I am now stocking the Premier Floats range of pellet wagglers, they are available loaded or un-loaded, also flighted.
Commercial XT Range
I have been working with one of Europe’s top float manufacturers who are producing a range of hand assembled floats built to my spec. The build quality of these is about as good as it gets! The advantage of these is they are available from stock ready to post within 24 hours of receiving orders. These floats have already taken several ton plus match winning weight while testing and are supeior build quality to what is normaly available. 8 patterns are now available XT Gimps, XT Deckers, XT Power Pencils, XT Margins, XT Finesse, XT Paste, XT Inline Ghandis and XT Inline Dibbers. They are competitively priced starting at just £1.50 a float.
Super Silicone Pole Float Rubber
Available in all sizes to fit the float in my range. This silicone has been custom made for me in the UK to have superior wall strength and is the best you can get.
Handmade Decker Range
A range of super stable floats for fishing on or near the bottom. Available in a variety of models including the Glass, Mini, Wire. paste and F1 Decker. The are all based on the same rounded diamond balsa body.
Handmade Decker HD
A new extra tough foam bodied version of the famous Decker float built to the exact dimensions of the balsa twin eyed model, These are available with a single side eye or new type of spring. They also have the same tip size options as the original Deckers.
NEW Handmade Jordans
A new float designed with a short 20mm tip so it sits up and fishes quickly and heavy 6mm wire stem for stability. Two models available. Perfect for F1s. Designed for me by Jordan Hall they have already been winning matches!
Handmade Finesse Range
NEW Finesse Power are ready. The original and the best! Fine tipped slim bodied range of floats floats for delicate presentation in sizes 0.1g-2g. Perfect for silverfish and F1's, but still strong enough for winter carp. Available in a choice of tip size 1.2mm and 1.5mm, with wire or glass stems, the shorter Mini Finesse. Also the long tipped Finesse Paste.
Handmade Gimp, Big Gimp & Fat Gimp
You can guess by the name this has been designed to be a durable alternative to a very popular float. It has a classic teardrop shape making it a very good all-rounder that will cope with most conditions, They are available in glass or wire stem with 1.2mm or 1.5mm tips. Sizes range from 0.1g right up to 4g
Handmade Springer Open Water Xtra Tough
Made for when strength is important. The float has a new type of spring eye fitted that will not damage line. The body is made of an advanced HD Foam material that will never take on water even in the unlikely event of the hardcoat finish getting damaged. Available in three tip diameters.
Handmade Margin and Margin Paste Floats
This catogary contains the new and improved Xtra Tough Margin (XTM) and Xtra Tough Paste (XTP) with a glued in side eye. Also the Springer Sampson Margin, Springer Margin Paste and Edger fitted with the new type spring eye. All the range is now made with HD Foam Bodies and are very tough being virtually unbreakable. The floats will never take on water in the unlikely event of the hard coat getting damaged.
Handmade Gandhi, Hayfield and Dibbers
The Gandhi and Hayfield are short bristled float for shallow water, Ideal for the far side of snake lakes and UITW fishing. Also I make several types of Dibber in sizes 0.1-0.5g and a pea type float.
Handmade Pencil Floats
I have two pencil float patterns here, the tough New Power Pencil designed for big nets of carp and the Finesse Pencil more suited to F1 fishing. Both are available with a spring or side eye.
Handmade Caner Silverfish Range
Floats made using a mix of traditional and modern materials. Bulit with HD foam bodys, 1mm and 1.2mm cane tips with wire or glass stems. The stem and tip meet in the middle of the body giving the floats perfect balance making them ideal for Silverfish. Cane tips are easy to dot down and will not get affected by the surface tension. Each float still gets the hard coat finish so is far stronger than Mass produced floats and will never take on water.